“We have the best bloodlines in South Africa”

 We lost our long loved German Shepherd male (Rex) at the end of 2005, after 17 years of joy, and were all hart broken. My wife Liza suggested that we get a Shar Pei puppy to try and fill the gap that was left by Rex. I only saw pictures of Shar Pei, and did not know what to expect from the Shar Pei breed.


We started searching for a male Shar Pei puppy, and soon found this black bundle of wrinkles (Seun). We grew so fond of him, and decided to get a playmate for him. We then bought Lala, a beautiful beige female. When she came into season for the first time, we skipped her, and the next time she gave birth to a litter of six beautifully puppies. They were born and raised inside the house. We got so attached to them, leaving us in a flood of tears when the new owners came to collect them.


We had such a demand for puppies after this litter, due to word of mouth from happy new owners. We decided to get another female (Cindy), and later another female (Gina), and eventually another male (Chubby). We then imported (Klein Seun) a black male with a golden tint from Canada in April 2011.We also added a chocolate female puppy (Coco) to our breeding stock in May 2011. During December 2011. She unfortunately got poisoned later in 2011.  We again added a blue female puppy (Blue) and a white female puppy (Zoey) to our breeding stock.In January 2012, we obtained a beautiful blue female (Elsie). In March 2012 we added another black male (Pluto) to our Shar Pei family.


Our full compliment of breeding stock house 10 females and 6 males as can be seen on

Our Girls and Boys pages, and we are one big happy Shar Pei family.


We had requests to export Shar Pei puppies to various countries, and exported quite a     few to Namibia, but stopped exporting, because we missed the relationship that we established with our local buyers. But due to a Huge demand from our International buyers      we started with Exporting again.


Unfortunately we lost two of our Shar Pei during 2011.

Our male Seun died in May from blood poisoning after been bitten by something. The vet tried everything but we couldn't save him.

Our chocolate female Coco died late in 2011, from poison when we took out plants, and she chewed on some of the roots of the plants, which we didn't know was toxic.

We are still not over their death, and are still crying when we think about them.


"We do have the best bloodlines in South Africa"

as can be seen on our testimonial page from happy buyers.

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