"Dear Liza & Jaco, I would like to thank you so much for our puppy, that we are loving so much. Cameo has bonded very well with our other three 9 month old Shar Pei. We are enjoying her so much.Thank you for such a bundle of joy!"           

               Charmaine 0829245439

"We are very happy with the quality, temperament and personality of our Marley. He is very playful and loves attention. We found him very easy to train and he responds very well to our instructions. We are so happy with Marley that we had to get another pup from J&E Sharpei Breeders, and are positive that she will bring us as much joy as Marley does. Thanks to Jaco & Liza."

Lyle 0722994603

Dear Jaco and Liza,

"Thank you so much for Roxy who has turned out to be the love of our lives. We are both besotted with her and she truly is the child that we never had. Because she is so highly intelligent and active, she has learned many tricks. Watching her from the upstairs balcony with her toy teddy bear in her mouth purveying the complex is so amusing. You might have gathered that she is spoilt rotten and has the run of the house as she earned her dues. She just has to learn to help pay off the bond. She is an exceptional and amazing child that also understands a number of words like "hanky" "socks" "underpants" "mouse" and many others. It is as if she really puts a lot of concentration into what you tell her. She can sit in front of you and listen when you say a word and turn her head from side to side as if she was taking it all in. We are so very very lucky to have Roxy and cannot thank you enough."

Suzette and Brain Collins 0824168204

Dear Liza,

"Thanks for letting us adopt one of your babies. Ashleigh has grown up to be a magnificent addition to our family. She has the most beautiful personality and intelligence to match. She is so loyal to her "mom" and shadows me everywhere I go. She is a quick learner and so eager to please. Ashleigh is very playfully and protective of her family and will never go to sleep without me tugging her in, which is in my bedroom off course. If anyone wants to get a baby, I will recommend a Shar Pei. They are loving and will protect you at all times. I can honestly say that Liza and Jaco's babies are of top quality without any problems, must be because of their great passion for Shar Pei. We thank you so much."

Zelda Viljoen 0720644596

Hi Liza,

"Aangeheg is 'n foto van Kubu (Tshwana vir seekoei). Kubu het sy naam gekry nadat ons 'n foto van hom geneem het, en hy vir ons nes 'n baba seekoeijie gelyk het met sy dik lippies. Kubu was die soetste babahondjie wat ons nog ooit gehad het, en het nooit in die nag gehuil nie. Aanvanklik was hy knorrig as mens hom bietjie styf vas gehou het, maar met my dogter se groot liefde vir diere het hy gou agter gekom dat dit lekker is. Nou word hy gedruk en gesoen-en soen terug en is niks kwaai nie!! Inteendeel, hy verwelkom almal! Kubu is baie slim,en hy is ook geleer om eers te sit voordat hy kos kry. Nou gaan sit hy as hy kos kry, en gee ook sommer sy voorpoot, en wil jou dan soen ook. Hy het ook die manier om 'n presentjie na jou te bring as hy na jou toe kom. Dit is gewoonlik een van sy speelgoed. Ons is baie gelukkig met Kubu, en baie lief vir hom

Ria 0845800621

Hi Jaco en Liza,

"Dit is Sky, een van die tefies wat ons by julle gekoop het. Sy is een van die pragtigste Shar Pei wat ons in 'n lang tyd gesien het. Sy het 'n baie liefdevolle geaardheid, en verskaf oneindige plesier aan ons"

Ina 0824602458

Dear Jaco and Liza,

"This is our gorgeous little man Chewy. He is the most amazing little boy ever!! Our little man is one naughty little bugger, and his name definitely fits him well. When he is not chewing and digging, he is trying to charm the two Shar Pei girls, a very smooth operator. Not one day goes by that my little man doesn't make me laugh. He does the cutest things and has the biggest personality, and boy is he smart. We love him so much and he fits into our little Shar Pei family perfectly! Shar Pei are the most amazing breed; loyal, smart, gorgeous and so unique which would explain why I already have three. Thank you so much for our gorgeous boy. He is perfect, and I cannot wait to get another pup from Jaco and Liza, as their Shar Pei to put it into a few words, are awesome, beautiful, smart and unique, just have a look at Chubby, one of Jaco and Liza's grown dogs, He just melts my heart. They are all so gorgeous, how can anything but perfect be born.

Raquel and Adam Megans 0838728484

Dear Liza and Jaco,

"Thank you for our magnificent boy, Tofu. After our previous Shar Pei died, our female dog, Sasa has been very lonely...that was until Tofo came along. They are an inseparable pair even though they are 6 years apart. They get up to quite a lot of mischief together but nevertheless they always manage to bring smiles to our faces. Tofu has the most incredible intelligence and fun personality, from learning to open the door on his own from when he was just a pup to only performing tricks when he knows there is a snack reward in the end. We can't thank you enough to what he has brought to our family, the joy and love is endless.

Love Jill, Ron, Wendy and James - 0825239888.

Hi Liza & Jaco,

"We bought Katy middle August 2011 and she immediately fitted into our family. She is a healthy happy little thing, with the most incredible nature. In December 2011 we decided to take her and our Jack Russel puppy with on holiday. We got a travel basket and undertook the 16 hour trip to Stilbaai. Whenever the wheels turned they just slept. When we stopped, we let them out. They would run a circle and get straight back into the car to sleep the next leg of the journey. It was such a pleasure and we had so much fun with them on holiday. I also have two other big dogs and she immediately fitted into the pack as well, with no problems with dogs fighting. I have a lot of experience with the Shar-Pei breed, having bred them myself at one stage. I would recommend JE Sharpei Breeders any time. Their dogs are well bred, with no health issues in the bloodlines and the dogs are well natured and well behaved ".   -      Frances Wright - 0721124688This was one of the puppies on the front page of the November issue of the Finesse magazine.  

Hi Jaco & Liza,

Hier is net 'n foto om te wys hoe pragtig ons klein Serabi geword het. Sy is nou 6 maande oud en die kinders se beste speelmaat. Sy het 'n sagte, speelvolle natuur en is baie liefdevol - hou van liefde gee en liefde kry! Sy is so maklik om selfs in die huis te wees en ken alreeds die huis roetines. Sy le graag in die aande voor die kinders se beddens terwyl hulle slaap, en volg dan later haar beste maatjie, 'n miniatuur worshond, bed toe.

Sy is 'n absolute plesier en 'n wonderlike deel van ons gesin.Baie dankie vir die pragtige Sharpei wat ons by julle kon koop.

Este  0836289069

Hi Liza en Jaco,

Ek is baie gelukkig met Jackson. Hy het genuine 'n persoonlikheidjie wat geen ander hondjie gehad het wat ek in my lewe gehad het. Ek sal nooit enige ander soort as 'n Shar Pei weer kry nie. Eendag sal ek nog 'n chocolate enetjie by julle kry.



078 625 2952

 Kyk na die mooi wit vlekkie op Jackson. Ons het nog net een werpsel gehad waar drie van die puppies wit vlekkies op hul bors gehad het.- Jaco.

Hi Jaco & Liza,

Hier is n foto van ons bondeltjie vreugde “Bella”. Ek is nou 4 maande oud en my mamma en pappa se trots. Ek slaap net in die huis en deel n bedjie saam my boetie. Ek is baie lief vir my mamma en volg haar skaduwee orals. Ek luiter baie mooi en piepie glagnie in die huis nie. Ek het baie liefde om te gee, en hou ook daarvan om te ontvang. My boetie maak my ogies skoon as ek ontwaak en my pappa en mamma gee altyd n soentjie. “Dankie Liza vir die liefde wat Bella ons bied en mooi geaardheid wat sy het. Sy is te kostelik”.


Johan en Maralize - 072 347 3423

Hi Jaco/Liza,


It is hard to believe that Harvey and Harriet have been with us for five months already, and as you can see from the pictures sent with this communication, at seven months old, they have grown and developed so beautifully. Without you handing over to us two high quality puppies and the advice that you so freely gave to us when we had questions over the past five months, we would never have been able to nurture these two beautiful dogs to what they are today. They also both have such wonderful temperaments which makes them so loved by us and the two children, and this also obviously comes froma good parent line. We know that we are going t have many years of joy from Harvey and Harriet who live inside our house with us without any problem whatsoever. They were so easy to house train and they are so intelligent and obedient that they could teach our children a lesson or two about having respect for us as their parents. Once again, thanks so much for ensuring that we got only the best best from your blood lines, and if you want to use us as a reference for intending buyers, you are most  welcome to do so.

Keith & Jackie Rocher. - 0829026472.

Hi Liza & Jaco,


I hope you and your family are well. Just a quick note to let you know what a fantastic puppy Steve has turned out to be. Attached please find a photo of him. He is awesome and very relaxed, thanks a bunch.


Vernon Quinn - 083 399 5186


Hi Liza/Jaco

Since we bought Narda from you, we’ve had no regrets.  She is a beautiful dog with a great personality.  She is very devoted to us, her family, and very intelligent and alert.  Our other dog, Zelda, is a pitbull and the two of them are very close friends and a formidable team. Although they are still both puppies, we can see the change in them as they turn into adults and admire them a lot.  It gives us great pleasure to watch them play and see how Narda can work out a difficult situation to her own benefit. Although she is a month younger than Zelda, she definitely stands her ground and even dominates Zelda most of the time. Narda is a unique dog and we enjoy and cherish her very much. She does the Sharpei breed proud!


Gert and Madelein Burger


Hi Liza/Jaco

Ek wil vir julle baie dankie sê vir die pragtige kinders wat ek by julle gekry het. Ek geniet hulle vreeslik. My veearts reken dat albei van hulle skou gehalte is! Chante is die rustigheid van self en ‘n briljante waghond, niemand kom naby haar ma nie, Zeus my blou reuntjie is die ondeunde knapie wat nie ‘n kous of beertjie kan uitlos nie! Ons moet gereeld agter hom aan hardloop om ‘n kous te red.  Hier lê hulle by my in die kantoor terwyl  ek besig is om die nag kerse te brand.

Baie dankie vir die wonderlike werk wat julle doen – julle gee my en my gesin baie plesier en liefde.


Maricia du Bruyn


Hi Liza/Jaco

Good morning. I can happily write to you that all three of the pups purchased from you over the last several months are happy, healthy and well adjusted. AT, the Blue is living up to his name, Attitude. Tom the cream also well integrated even though he lives in Rosendal and only sees his kennel mates for visits. Kuma the little Black girl 6 weeks younger than the boys has slotted in beautifully. AT and Kuma are best mates and play constantly. I'm convinced that Shar Pei's especially should have play mates if at all possible. They are such gregarious animals that a large part of their personality does not develop fully if they are on their own.

Liza and Jaco's care and attention to their animals is clearly manifested in the puppies they produce and I am pleased to be able to recommend J&E as breeders one can trust.

Dr David Hendry

082 342 6661

Hi Liza/Jaco

What a wonderful addition to our family Bane is. Bane was a tiny little pup when he arrived but has grown to be such a beautiful dog and I am so happy we chose to buy him from you even though we all the way in cape town.

I look forward to buying another pup in the future from you. We are enjoying him to the fullest.  

Monique and Roscoe

082 367 4605

Hi Liza/Jaco

As a previous Shar Pei owner, it was only natural for me to choose Shar Pei again when it was time for me to replace my Nikita who passed in 2011. The long wait for Lola was worth every minute. She is such a beautiful puppy and has a great temperament and loving nature. When Loki joined our family, there was chaos and we needed some time to adjust, but now the two are inseparable. Loki, who was named after the Norse God of mischief – definitely lives up to his name. He is very loving & extremely playful…he’s taken a dip a few times in the swimming pool… Lola & Loki has the reign of the house and they draw a lot of attention everywhere they ago.

Thank you for giving us such beautiful & good-natured puppies. Rest assured they are well taken care of and they bring so much joy in our lives.


Adele & Vernon Bowers

076 336 4057


Hi Liza/Jaco

This is Jill she is 10 months old now. she is one of Kairo's puppies. As you can see from the photos she loves her daddy and lovez to eat hail and ice.

She also loves her jack russel brother and her boerboel brother. She gets on very well with other dogs too.


Lorna Greybe

076 120 4470

Hi Liza/Jaco

Thank you so much for our little Hunter. We have had him for only four months but he has already managed to take over our house and it's hard to remember what life was like before him.  

He has brought so much happiness and it's been a joy to watch him blossom from the tiny puppy who was too small to climb the stairs into the boisterous pet he is now.

He is a very loving and playful dog and we look forward to adding even more pups from J&E in the future.


084 567 8293

Hi Liza/Jaco

Thank you kindly for the opportunity to have a blessing such as my Dante (Sharpei girl), they say that the relationship between a human and their children have a lot of similarities to that of a human and her dog (as I do not have kids yet).

The thing about dogs is this: they take your breed on, in other words they think that they are human if you treat them right, and as such they believe that they are entitled to a few things - the one basic (just a given) food and sometimes the same food as you enjoy from occassion to occassion (as long as you make sure it is healthy for them - you must be knowledgeable).

- They believe that they are entitled to a seat - a place where you throw their blanket/towel.

- They feel very secure when you are with them, as they have a very strong bond with you and believe that it is their job to protect you and because Sharpeis are so territorial - you must realize that they know what is their space (their territory) and they protect it and look after it - and they also assume that you are their territory as well (they look after you - if you teach them right and give them lots of love).

Dante has gone through socialisation in order to assure that I can learn to speak her language - too often people assume that they are dogs, but think of it this way, they are the inferior race to you and still they learn your language (commands) and not the other way around.

Dante is a chewer (unfortunately my mistake - that is how I always played with her) so I have accepted to also learn that a lot of times dogs have to be known for what you teach them and not what you perceive them to be. Dogs see black and white - happy thoughts or not happy thoughts, so you teach them with positive reinforcement, but know that does not mean now and them you have to learn to say no to them.

Dante is awake when I sleep at night, she watched over me.  I have spent a lot of time to teach her through play, but she is a joy to me. I get home and she always wags her tail - I need to look after her carefully so that she is optimally healthy (she has not had any major problems at all), but that does not in any way hinder her from loving me, and she is a very very very awake dog, very sharp, learns very fast, she loves children and as she is still quite young, she gets very over-excited! But that I also love, because she is always in good temperament.

Just be warned, this is a play dog for toughies, she loves to play and she believes she is entitled to it!  So do not try and cheat her from her walk or play-time, she might forget on rainy days, but otherwise she is very very excited to go and see the world. I am ecstatic, as this is a very intelligent and loyal dog.

She has 1 master, and don't get me wrong, we still have a lot of "life training" to do to understand each other, but it is amazing what they can learn, develop and use.  This is not a tiny lap dog, thought cute when you get them, you need to know that a sharpei is a sincere watch dog / play dog with extremely sharp senses and an almost german view towards their responsibilities, they get bored quickly and have the ability to let you know how they feel and think. They understand structure and they like to know that you did not forget about them.

Dante has added a lot of dimensions to my understanding. And I love this doggy!  Sjoe she is truely a blessing!  I have always considered another breed of dog to be my ultimate breed, but I think that I have found my personality match!

With lots of love

Jeanine :)

072 463 8058



Hi Liza/Jaco

My family and myself are TOTALLY HOOKED in Simba our 15 month old Sharpei . We cant wait to arrive home to spend time with our loving but highly alert and energetic buddy . I just cant call him our dog as he has the personality and soul of a human.

Cant wait to get a friend for Simba !!!


Martin Gouws

083 265 2930

Hi Liza and Jaco

Our Zoey  is  just over 3 months. The moment she  entered our lives, she became part of our family and we cannot picture life without her. Zoey is very loving and it’s such a joy to watch her  play with the  kids. She loves slobbering  us  with kisses and she just loves  receiving doggie treats. Zoey is very intelligent and  knows various commands i.e.,  to sit,  crawl, lie down, leave, lift paw(courtesy of puppy classes).She does have a bit of a stubborn streak(very similar to her mummyJ.) We have just fallen in love  with the  Shar Pei breed courtesy of Zoey, that we have decided to get another Shar Pei from Liza and Jaco(the best Shar Pei Breeders in SA).

Thank you Liza for all the advice,  support and most of all, for bringing Zoey into our lives.

The Osman Family(Farhad, Hajra, M. Zidan and Ammara) 083 212 6896